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Founding partner Aaron Pike envisioned having his own plumbing company many years ago. Being raised in the industry and following alongside his father, the late Ron Pike, Aaron developed a passion for plumbing in the Asheville area at a young age. The combination of helping people (or businesses), working with his hands, and solving the puzzle of how the pipes weave together drew him in. After over ten years of hand-on-experience, Aaron decided it was time to start his own company. So, he and his (now) wife, Kristen Pike, began PIKE PLUMBING L.L.C. in January of 2010. It started out as primarily service work with just Aaron performing the plumbing (and much of the office work before Kristen came on full time). Pike Plumbing is now known as one of the best plumbers in Asheville, NC.  A “one man show” you could call it. Over-time, with one referral leading to another and so on, PIKE PLUMBING exploded. Kristen began to delve into office work a little deeper as things progressed for the company. To help with plumbing, Gordy Lunsford was hired and provided with a service van. His plumbing experience and kind spirit are a huge asset to the team and has allowed PIKE PLUMBING to provide plumbing services to double the amount of people at any one given time! PIKE PLUMBING now serves all over Western North Carolina, primarily in Madison, Buncombe, and Henderson County. The company still remains true to its roots, as it is family owned and operated and focuses on solid values to maintain their success. PIKE PLUMBING is licensed and insured, offering the highest expertise.  Their NC P-1 license is the highest achievable in the state and allows them to offer any plumbing service whether it be repairs or new construction in the commercial or residential setting, as well as gas piping. Ultimately, PIKE PLUMBING strives for continued success by being committed to providing quality work at reasonable rates in a professional manner.



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